About the Trainer

Jay Wade is a hands on, down to earth trainer with 20 years of experience with gun dogs, learning different techniques from many people over the years. Jay believes basic obedience and a building block approach is the ground floor for all great gun dogs to develop to their potential. All dogs progress at different rates and some show more potential than others. Knowing the when and how is the key to bringing out the most in a dog.


Diversity and having an open mind is important for a good training program. Being associated with many clubs and participating in different venues provides that very diversity.


Jay has developed several programs, each designed to achieve specific results. His approach is not one size fits all.

  • Off Lead Obedience
  • Whoa
  • Remote Set
  • Steady to Flush, Shot & Fall
  • Forced Retrieve
  • Delivery to Hand
  • Blind Retrieves
  • Honoring & Backing
  • Whistle Commands
  • Lining & Handling
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Tracking of Game
  • Introduction to Gunfire